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From Italy to McLaren Vale

Curtis Family Vineyards are set up west of the McLaren Vale township. Its vineyards have thrived, now its looked for after McLaren Vale wines are accessible on the Australian market.

Curtis Family Vineyards is truly the tale of how everything old came new once more… of how European migrants came to Australia, battled against the chances and after that connected old world esteems and experience to create fine wines.

The name Curtis is thought to get from Curtius, a respectable and affluent group of the First and Second Centuries AD, the Roman Empire time starting from the Latinium individuals. The new faces behind the Curtis Family Vineyards are Mark, Thomas and Jenna Curtis, with the direction of their dad, Claudio Curtis who lives on the vineyard simply outside McLaren Vale.

Records demonstrate that the Curtis Family name initially showed up in Cervaro in 1471, a town built up by the Latinium tribe in Central Italy around the Second Century AD. Cervaro is arranged roughly 10klms south of the religious community town of Monte Cassino, the site of a portion of the bitterest battling between the Allied and German powers in Italy amid World war II.

In 1499 the Cardinal de Medici allotted Paolo Curtis the specialist to oversee the Papal grounds in the range around Cervaro. Upon these rich soils they set up vineyards and olive forests, which are still cultivated by the family. They wound up noticeably significant wine creating families, pitching to extensive city dealers from Naples and Rome. The Second World War incurred significant injury upon the structures utilized as a winery and barrel stockpiling, yet more ruinous was the presentation of the Phylloxera grape vine mite, seriously harming the vineyards. Some were replanted and are reaped today. It was while the later replanting was occurring that the youthful Claudio Curtis initially ended up plainly associated with vineyards. While his folks offered the recently developing vines, Claudio attempted to help by evacuating the developing shoots. The Curtis Family have been growning grapes and making wine in McLaren Vale since 1973.

Premium wines that demonstrate the Curtis Family enthusiasm for extraordinary McLaren Vale Wines. Today the Curtis Family are focusing on creating complex premium wines for the Australian and other International markets.

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